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Shortstop’s Garden Adventure

The adventures of a garden gnome

About The Book



Shortstop is a magical gnome who finds himself alone in a deserted, overgrown garden.

When a new family arrives, young Wilbur and his dog Rusty find Shortstop. They adopt him and build him a shelter.

What or who keeps destroying the homes of Shortstop’s new animal friends in his backyard?

Wilbur sets a trap for the culprit—will it succeed? What secrets will Wilbur and Shortstop find out?

His Friends


New Holland Honeyeaters

Hatching from their nest.


Bobtail Goanna

With its blue tongue.



Even one that sounds like a motorbike.



Which look like dinosaur birds.



My granddaughter is 3.5 years old.  A tad young I thought but what the heck.  My decision was endorsed when she visited today and trotted off to fin my copy of your book and respectifully flipped through the pages.  Her parents have read the whole book to her over a few nights.  A great read and leads now to great conversations around gnomes and creating happy imaginative stories.  Woohoo.  A winner Rob.

Elaine Capps

The book is fantastic. I have read it and loved it.


Dixie Wallis