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Robert Britza

Wild Thing – Escapades of a Bunbury Boy

Growing up in South Bunbury, Western Australia in the 50s and 60s wasn’t easy. The antics Rob, his siblings and friends inflicted on the neighbourhood and beyond was in those days just ‘boys being boys’, their imagination for entertaining themselves something they were lucky to survive, and Rob has the scars to prove it.

Rob’s journey from childhood to manhood opened his eyes to the good, the bad and the ugly in life,  and to the importance of family. Throughout it all, Rob’s passion for speed shone through, racing motorbikes and sidecars in his teen years featuring strongly in his life.

His story tells the truth, the whole truth – which may intrigue, inform or amuse – and is nothing but the truth. 

Shortstop’s Garden Adventure

Meet Shortstop’s friends in this delightful children’s book.

 Shortstop is a magical gnome who finds himself alone in a deserted, overgrown garden.

When a new family arrives, young Wilbur and his dog Rusty find Shortstop, adopt him and build him a shelter.

What or who keeps destroying the homes of Shortstop’s new animal friends in his backyard?

Wilbur sets a trap for the culprit—will it succeed? What secrets will Wilbur and Shortstop find out?